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Water edge of Liepaja (by Ilgvars Jansons)

Publicēja 2010. gada 23. dec. 04:12Reinis Bērziņš   [ atjaunināts 2010. gada 23. dec. 04:34 ]

Šoreiz piedāvājam rakstu no Ilgvara Jansona Pilsētu plānošanas bloga (gan angliski, gan latviski).

Water provides so many advantages to a city, from port and industry, to tourism, recreation, sense- of-place and all-around livability. It's wonderful when city and water are connected "by design" , and painful when a city design has disconnected the public from the water.

Let’s take a look at the water edge of Liepaja canal!

Figure 1 Water edge of Liepaja canal

Figure 2 Northern part of Liepaja canal

Figure 2 shows the northern part of Liepaja canal that is marked in figure 1 as area 1. We see beautiful green zone and benches. This area is quite pleasant but still requires some improvements.
The first step - the sidewalk shoud be renovated.

Next step – the lights and trash receptacles should be provided because public outdoor furnishings such as benches, lighting and trash receptacles enhance the pedestrian experience. These shoud be located in a "furnishing zone" which maintains a clearly defined pedestrian travel lane.

But the lights shoudn' t be too bright. Lights bring comfort and feeling of security to night-time users of the city. The primary goal for lightning in Liepaja is that it shouldn't be detrimental to the adjacent surroundings or the overall environment but shoud still maintain a safe environment. Read more>>