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Riga Back in 1700 (by Toms Purgailis)

Publicēja 2011. gada 27. marts 03:52Reinis Bērziņš

A detailed map of Riga surroundings was drawn when Saxons blocked the town in 1700. The map is drawn in scale and shows features of Riga surroundings: roads, churches, windmills, pubs, manors and other elements.

Daugava river has overcame major transformations – the right riverbank has gone further in river (most notably upstream and downstream the city). All islands have new configurations. Just a few elements other than the inner town can be recognized in modern city:

1. A road to Vidzeme (the road to bottom right corner of the old map) is now Brīvības Street. The old location seems to be bit further to North. The place where the road went trough a palisade fence is now the busy section of Brīvības Street between Lāčplēša Street and Ģertrūdes Street (pictured).
2. Jesus church is clearly marked in the old map but the location of current church is different. The modern church (pictured) is already the 4th Jesus church building and was fininshed in 1822.
3. Pasture dam – now Pulkveža Brieža iela. It is an old dike built trough a wet pastureland. An alley on the dike is drawn in the map. No trees have survived till nowadays but Pulkveža Brieža Street (see picture) is still exactly at the same location.

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